Backing Up and Restoring

As of Craft It Safe version 1.9, you can now backup and restore your database. In addition to giving you the security of keeping your data safe in case of disaster, this means you can also transfer your data from one device to another.

Please note this does not mean your data will be kept in synch at all times. It is a one time complete replacement of your data. You can do this as often as you like in order to move data back and forth between devices, of course.

In order for this database transfer to work, your device must be connected to a network to which you also have a computer connected, such as your wifi network at home.

First, in your source device, navigate to the Settings menu and scroll to the bottom, where it says Backup and Restore Database, and click this row:



This will take you to a screen which shows you a webserver address:


If there is no address listed, you are not connected to a data network where your device can connect. Please connect to a wireless data network and try again.

If you do see an address, you then go to a computer connected to the same network and type in the address. You should then see a website similar to:

download copy

The version of Craft It Safe you are running is displayed at the bottom of the website (outlined in red in this example). To backup your data, either as a best practice to keep your data secure, or in preparation to move it to another device, click the arrow to the left of the CraftItSafe.sqlite file. This will download the database to your computer. Please choose a location you will remember later.

Then you may exit Craft It Safe on your device.

To Restore your data on a device, either because you are moving data between devices or you just want to revert to a previous version of your data, you will open up Craft It Safe on your new device, navigate to the same Backup and Restore Database row in the Settings menu, and make note of the webserver address. It will likely be the same as before, if you are on the same network. This is why you need to exit Craft It Safe from the previous device.

This time you will choose the blue Restore from Backup Button. Once you click this button, your browser will prompt you for the location of your backup database. This file must be named CraftItSafe.sqlite. After you choose this file, it will be added to your device and the previous version of your database will be renamed to CraftItSafe.sqlite.bak, in case you ever need to recover this data.

bak copy

You will also see other files listed, such as the XSD schema – which is used for the XML data export, and the version.plist file which will just list the version of the software you are running. It is best not to delete any files.

You must restart the application for the new database to be loaded.