Who needs CraftItSafe? 

Anyone who makes products for children in the USA must comply with federal CPSC regulations. This includes items you sell, give away as gifts, or donate. No one is exempt from complying with these federal regulations. Failure to comply can result in hefty fines – up to $10,000 per violation.

How does CraftItSafe help? 

Many people have stopped making children’s products because they are daunted by the requirements to become compliant. CraftItSafe can help make this a less painstaking process. In order to be compliant, you must meet do several things. Your supplies must all either be exempt or certified against the particular codes and regulations that apply to your product, and you must keep this statement of certification from your supplier. You must keep detailed records tracking all your supplies and who sold them to you, all of your products and which supplies they are comprised of, as well as creating a CPC for each product. You must keep these records for 5 years. Most people have taken to using unruly spreadsheets to try and manage this overabundance of information. It’s tedious and time consuming. Not to mention creating the CPC for each product.

CraftItSafe makes it easy to enter information of supplies purchased, products made, and will help generate your CPC for you!